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Okay, so I've heard A LOT of people joke about being "emo" or depressed. And it needs to stop. Sometimes people just don't think, and that's a huge problem. People don't think about others around them and what they could be going through. People who are legitimately depressed, they don't go around flaunting it. They try so hard to hide it and act like nothing is wrong. They'll laugh and smile on the outside and they'll seem so happy, but more often than not those are the people who cry themselves to sleep at night. Those are the people who are ripped to shreds, emotionally and physically. Those are the people who go home and think about how much better the world would be without them. Those are the people that hate themselves. Those are the people who would do anything just to get away from the pain. They're also some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They're the people who are completely selfless. They do everything for everyone else, because they don't feel like they're worth doing anything for. They are the people who know they need serious help, but they're to afraid to ask for it, for fear of being a burden. So they just suffer in silence. They spend every day wishing they were dead. But often times, they won't try to kill themselves. What if they didn't succeed? What would people think of them? Their own family wouldn't even talk to them then. The people that were there before? They'd most likely end up leaving. And what if they did succeed? And what if people actually did care? Then they'd have hurt so many. That's the last thing they want to do. So again, suffer in silence. That's the only option. And for those of you that think self harm is a trend, you're wrong. People that self harm because it's "cool" are little fuck wits and are giving self harmers a bad rep. And it's not done for attention either. You don't see them going around showing off their scars. No, they try so hard to hide them, you have no idea. Whether it be from parents or teachers or even their closest friends, they don't flaunt their cuts. Eventually it gets to the point where they'll flinch if someone just touches them. It's SCARY to have to hide like that. I should know, I do it every day. All of this sounds like it's spoken from firsthand experience? That's because it is. When you guys talk about "emos", how do you not notice me flinch? Every damn time. It hurts, guys. It really does. Most of you have met me IRL, but you know my name, not my story. So please, think about what could be happening right under your nose. Think about it before you say something. It's not offensive, it's painful. So just remember that, please.
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I'm just a witch who never got her letter. So instead, I stalk my friends and draw stuff :3 I'm in band and have made some of the most amazing friends in the world there, and I'm very grateful that my dad forced me to join XD I dabble in poetry, sometimes. I'm not really a very interesting person, so there's not much else to put here.

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